On Tuesday 1st September, I travelled to Birmingham for a photo shoot with the UK's top photographer Brian Griffin. Brian is the official photographer for the 2012 London Olympics.

Brian is originally from Dudley and was taking photos of his hometown for a Paris commissioned exhibition called 'The Black Country'. For more information on the exhibition, have a read of this.

Ironically, the shot I am in was taken at a place called 'The Boro Foundry' where Brian's father worked for many years. It is based on a painting called 'Cardsharps' by Caravaggio.

'Cardsharps' by Caravaggio

It took some hours to produce the picture and it was fascinating to see the UK's top photographer in action.

On the left is foundry owner Dennis Norton and on the right playing the ghost of The Earl Of Dudley is famous actor Callum Coates. I am playing the ghost of Robert Catseby, 16th century agitator and member of the gang who instigated the gunpowder plot.

robert catesby

The exhibition goes public in Birmingham and Paris from November. The streets of Birmingham will also be adorned with shots from the exhibition during the same month.

I wanted to keep the gear I was wearing and go out in it that night but Brian wouldn't let me.

robert catesby


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